New showroom in Harderwijk, The Netherlands.

October 10, 2022

The new store will play an important role in growing Mattsons Beds presence and brand image in The Netherlands and Europe. They will showcase the complete line of Mattsons handcrafted beds including the adjustable bed; Lotus and classic continental beds; Rise, Soulful, Pure and Elegance. The Slaaphof Bedding store located in Harderwijk is modeled from a new corporate vision incorporating Scandinavian sleep philosophy and have the goal to become the number one expert in Scandinavian sleep systems.

Mattsons Beds are in the path of widen the network through exclusive partnerships with select home interior and bed boutiques around the world. As we believe that a Mattsons should be experienced in the right way; with the guidance of a by Mattsons educated and trained expert, our intention is to have only a select few number of partners in each market. With a platform of only the best, we have started the transformation from a bespoke only bedding company with roots reaching back all the way to 1851, to becoming a brand showing our products in a broader manner.

Team Slaaphof together with Mattsons sleep expert Ramon Van de Nobelen.

LOTUS ADJUSTBLE - Lotus adjustable responds to your desires both quickly and quietly. Equally uncompromising hands craft that South American fine spun horsehair, GOTS organic cotton, WONZ Tokowool and flax into several individual layers. A double-spring system with reinforced side springs make it easier to rise from the bed. All in, a truly supportive and accommodating partner that satisfies even the most outrageous demands for comfort.

Mattsons Lotus Adjustable.

ELEGANCE Continental - Elegance is built on a base of Swedish slow growing pine, with tempered steel pocket springs, together with layers of cotton and horsehair, the Elegance bed has a responsive, steady support system for a soft deep sleep. The main mattress features two separate heights of pocket spring system combined with layers of GOTS organic cotton, WONZ Tokowool and South American fine spun MCC™ horsehair, creating a feeling of deep and flexible support and comfort. To stabilize the Elegance, the craftsmen of Mattsons hand stitch and tuft the mattress for a more luxury design.

PURE Continental - A bed some regards as the most exclusive beds of the Mattsons collection. As with all of our beds, the base is made out of Swedish slow growing pine wood. On top of the base, a mattress with two sets of tempered steel pocket springs that combined with layers of GOTS organic cotton, WONZ Tokowool and South American fine spun MCC™ horsehair. Delivers comfort in the way only a Mattsons can. The Pure has a responsive, steady support and creates a feeling like no other.

SOULFUL Continental - Soulful is built with a slightly different layering of the filling materials compared to the other continental beds. The Soulful bed has two pocket spring systems in the main mattress. Still, the bed features a slightly lower profile for a more contemporary look, naturally without in any way compromising with the great feeling of support and comfort that a Mattsons delivers. Like the name suggests, this is a great feeling bed, soft and comforting while perfectly supporting from its structure and the layering of the filling materials.

RISE Continental - The Mattsons Rise is the only bed of the collection that offers the option of all cotton and wool mix as the core filling material of the mattress. For those of our clients who for any reason desire something different with regard to the filling materials and the overall feel of their bed. The fifth of the continental style beds, an alternative offering a choice while keeping it all natural and in line with the history of the family business.

Slaaphof Bedding Founded in 1989, Slaaphof is one of the most famous beds and mattresses distributors when it comes to customer service and knowledge in all of The Netherlands. For more information, please visit