About the bed

SOULFUL features a slightly lower profile for a more contemporary look, without compromising the great feeling of support and comfort that a Mattsons delivers. Also available as Soulful ST.

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51 cm (base and mattress)
Built In
Continental bed

The fourth of the continental beds of the Mattsons collection is built with a slightly different layering of the filling materials compared to the other continental beds. The Soulful bed has two pocket spring systems in the main mattress. Like the name suggests, this is a great feeling bed, soft and comforting while perfectly supporting from its structure and the layering of the filling materials. A Mattsons in every way. The Soulful is also available as Soulful ST, meaning with two rows of hand stitching to firm up the side panels of the mattress for additional stability, comfort and great looks.

The Soulful mattress has like the Pure, two pocket spring systems for ultimate comfort and support. The 13cm regular pocket spring and the 5.5cm X-Pocket produced with a 1.35mm gauge wire  to give the Soulful the feeling that we wanted the bed to have.

Layers of natural materials:

12cm Swedish slow grown pine frame.

Layer of GOTS organic cotton to protect the pine frame.

13cm Swedish tempered pocket springs.

Layers of GOTS organic cotton, New Zealand Tokowool, flax and fine spun horsehair.

13cm Swedish tempered pocket springs.

5.5cm Swedish soft x-pocket springs.

Layers of GOTS organic cotton, New Zealand Tokowool and fine spun MCC™ horsehair from South America.

Reinforced corners with coconut coir fiber and flax for extra stability around the mattress.

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